Sitar & Gusly en

"Sitar & Gusly" 38/2 (15 ips), 2 tracks

"Sitar & Gusly"19/2(7 ½ ips)2 tracks

"Sitar & Gusly" 19/4 (7 ½ ips)4 tracks

Sitar & Gusly compact cassette

Track list:

1. Climbing / Climbing
2. Tachi eri
3. Russian epic / Russian epic
4. Durga
5. Far away / Far away
6. Bhairavi

Ivan Muradov – Sitar (1-6),
Kirill Dorokhov – Gusli (1-6).

Sound engineer and producer of the project – Artem Anokhin.

Special thanks to Sergey Smirnov and Alexander REER.

In this edition we present you a Completely new and unique project!
This is a meeting of the two instruments with a history Dating back to the distant past…
Sitar and Harp.
Three ancient Indian melodies and three ancient Russian tunes intertwine in the after-sounds…

Since ancient times, the gusli in the form of a helmet were associated with the art of singing runes and folk tales, epics — heroic and Patriotic songs-tales, telling about the exploits of Russian heroes and reflecting the life of Ancient Russia IX—XIII centuries.

Each of them is unique, each has a unique and recognizable sound, the combination of them fascinates and immerses us in the world of unique sounds of extraordinary depth and transparency…
In this edition met two professionals.
Ivan Muralov and Kirill Dorokhov.

Ivan Muralov is a professional performer on the sitar, received a diploma with honors from the Faculty of music of Benares University. Currently, he teaches and performs a lot, including at international festivals, participates as a special guest at concerts of famous artists around the world.
Sitar is a unique string instrument, an alloy of Iranian sitar and Indian guilt. Its sound can not be confused with anything. His music takes the listener to a place where there is no matter and time.

Kirill Bogomilov – composer, player and multi-instrumentalist, writer and performer of tales and legends on the 25-stringed harp helmet and the Balkan flutes, the winner of the contest “Talents of Moscow – 2017”, the founder of ethno-project “Kanteleon”. In his work he embodies motifs from different eras: from national epic, Slavic tales and legends of ancient Russia to the ancient voices and mintanga knight of the middle ages, combining the music of various cultures of the ancient world.

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