Yuri Loza en

"Yuri Loza" 38/2 (15 ips), 2 tracks

"Yuri Loza" 19/2 (7 ½ ips), 2 tracks

"Yuri Loza" 19/4 (7 ½ ips), 4 tracks

"Yuri Loza" Cassette

Trac klist:

1. Sing, My Guitar
2. Result
3. I’m No Worse Than Everyone
4. Oh, A New Day
5. Gypsy Soul
6. Memory
7. My Tram Is The Last
8. Station Buffets
9. Road

Our company presents you the official publication on the magnetic tape of one of the most famous Russian author and artist!
We are glad that this record has become available again in the formats in which many of You heard it for the first time 30 years ago.
The author of many songs that have become, over time, truly loved by people of all ages, and have passed into the format of hits, Yuri Loza and now continues his creative work.

Your attention to the reissue of the album in unsurpassed analog quality, which was released in 1990 on plastic.

We wish You a pleasant listening!

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