"Yuri Loza" Tosca 38/2 (15 ips), 2 tracks

"Yuri Loza" Tosca 19/2 (7 ½ ips), 2 tracks

"Yuri Loza" Tosca 19/4 (7 ½ ips), 4 tracks

"Yuri Loza" Tosca Cassette

Introducing the album Yuri Loza, recorded in 1985. Despite the fact that 35 years have passed since the creation and release of Tosca, the album still sounds great today, and the lyrics have not lost their relevance.
This edition, like all previous releases Reel to Reel tapes Russia, released using the original soundtracks.
We wish you a pleasant time travel!

Track listing:
1. How boring
2. Like the others
3. Winter
4. Stinker
5. Rubber days
6. Why
7. I can dream
8. Beer
9. Loneliness

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