"Rachmaninoff" 38/2 (15 ips), 2 tracks —€ 275

"Rachmaninoff" 19/2 (7 ½ ips)2 tracks — € 125

"Rachmaninoff" 19/4 (7 ½ ips)4 tracks — € 105

"Rachmaninoff" compact cassette — € 17


1.   Island of the Dead, a symphonic poem, Op. 29 – 20: 27

2.   Three Russian Songs for choir and orchestra, Op. 41  13: 30
     I.  Across the River, Swift River. Moderato (alla breve) – Allegro assai  
    II. Ah, You Vanka! You Devil-May-Care Fellow. Largo
   III. You, My Fairness, My Rosy Cheeks. Allegro moderato (alla marcia, al rigore di tempo)

We present the first edition of the project Reel to Reel tapes Russia® from the cycle created with the participation of Firma Melodiya!
In the year of the 145th anniversary of great Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninoff we present unique records from the archives of one of the world’s largest collections! This recording came out on vinyl in the days of the USSR.
This release is issued from the original master tapes provided by Firma Melodiya for the company Reel to Reel tapes Russia®.

Sergei Rachmaninoff is one of the most famous Russian composers in the world. He was introduced at the age of 13 to P. I. Tchaikovsky, who already saw a genius in the young Rachmaninoff, and took part in his formation as a pianist and composer. At the age of 19 he graduated from the Conservatory with a gold medal and went on a tour of Russia. At this time, he created his first Opera — “Aleko”, wrote romances, several pieces for piano and cello, and, of course, which later became one of the most popular and awarded the composer world fame — a prelude in C sharp minor. Now the name of S. V. Rachmaninov is known to every person related to music!

The USSR State Academic Symphony Orchestra; recorded in 1966 (1)
Orchestra and Сhoir of the State Academic Bolshoi Theatre of the USSR;
recorded in 1965 (2)
Conductor – Evgeny Svetlanov

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